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ZOLL Replacement CPR-D-Padz

ZOLL Replacement CPR-D-Padz

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Key Features and Components

  • CPR-D-Padz Defibrillator Electrodes: The CPR-D-Padz are the central component of this resuscitation kit. These defibrillator electrodes are designed specifically for use with the ZOLL AED Plus. They feature a unique design that combines real-time CPR feedback and defibrillation capabilities. The CPR-D-Padz provide visual and audio prompts to guide the rescuer during CPR, ensuring the correct rate and depth of chest compressions.
  • Comprehensive Set of Accessories: The package includes various accessories that are essential for performing CPR and defibrillation with the ZOLL AED Plus. These accessories include gloves, a barrier mask, scissors, a razor, a wet wipe, and a dry-wipe. These items help maintain hygiene, safety, and proper preparation during resuscitation efforts.
  • Long Shelf-Life: The ZOLL Replacement CPR-D-Padz have an impressive shelf-life of up to five (5) years. This ensures that your resuscitation kit remains reliable and ready for use in emergencies, providing peace of mind that you have a dependable solution at hand when it matters most.

Conclusion The ZOLL Replacement CPR-D-Padz provide a complete resuscitation kit designed for use with the ZOLL AED Plus. With their unique design, real-time CPR feedback, and compatibility with the ZOLL AED Plus, these defibrillator electrodes offer reliable and effective CPR and defibrillation capabilities. The comprehensive set of accessories and long shelf-life further enhance the usability and preparedness of this kit. Trust the ZOLL Replacement CPR-D-Padz from Illinois Safety to equip you with the necessary tools to save lives with your ZOLL AED Plus.

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