AED Buyer's Guide

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When it comes to choosing the right Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to save lives during cardiac emergencies, you need a reliable device that offers Real CPR Help feedback and meets your specific requirements. We've narrowed down the top three AEDs on the market, each equipped with Real CPR Help technology, which provides critical guidance during resuscitation efforts. Let's take a closer look at these life-saving devices:

  1. Zoll AED 3: The Best AED on the Market
    • Real CPR Help: The Zoll AED 3 features Real CPR Help technology, offering real-time feedback on the depth and rate of chest compressions during CPR. This invaluable feature ensures that rescuers provide effective and accurate chest compressions, maximizing the chances of survival for the victim.
    • Intuitive Design: The Zoll AED 3 boasts an intuitive design with clear, simple visuals and audible prompts, making it easy for both trained professionals and laypersons to use during high-stress situations.
    • Wi-Fi Connectivity: With built-in Wi-Fi, the Zoll AED 3 can connect to the Zoll PlusTrac AED program management system. This connectivity allows for seamless device monitoring, tracking, and updates, ensuring your AED is always ready for action.
    • Durable and Rugged: Built to withstand tough environments, the Zoll AED 3 is rugged and durable, making it suitable for various settings, including schools, businesses, public spaces, and outdoor locations.
  2. Cardiac Science G5: The Second Best AED on the Market
    • Real CPR Help: Similar to the Zoll AED 3, the Cardiac Science G5 also includes Real CPR Help technology, providing real-time feedback to guide rescuers in delivering effective chest compressions.
    • Multilingual Functionality: One outstanding feature of the Cardiac Science G5 is its ability to switch from Spanish to English with just a press of a button. This makes it a valuable asset in diverse communities and locations.
    • Escalating Energy: The G5 utilizes escalating energy, meaning it delivers an initial shock of lower energy and increases the energy level for subsequent shocks if necessary. This feature ensures safer and more efficient treatment.
    • Rapid Shock Delivery: The Cardiac Science G5 has one of the fastest shock delivery times on the market, reducing the time between CPR and defibrillation, which is critical for successful resuscitation.
  3. Zoll AED Plus: The Third Best AED on the Market
    • Real CPR Help: Just like its sibling, the Zoll AED Plus incorporates Real CPR Help technology, ensuring that even untrained rescuers can confidently perform CPR with accurate feedback.
    • CPR-D Padz: The Zoll AED Plus comes with a unique CPR-D Padz, a one-piece electrode with a sensor that detects the depth and rate of chest compressions. This feature helps optimize the quality of CPR delivered.
    • Pediatric Capability: With the purchase of the optional pediatric electrodes, the Zoll AED Plus can be used for both adult and pediatric patients, making it an excellent choice for environments where children are present.
    • Long Battery Life: The Zoll AED Plus utilizes cost-effective consumer-grade lithium batteries, providing an impressive five years of standby life, ensuring your device is always powered and ready for emergencies.


When choosing the best AED for your needs, consider factors like Real CPR Help feedback, language versatility, ease of use, durability, and additional features. The Zoll AED 3 stands out as the best AED on the market, closely followed by the Cardiac Science G5 with its multilingual capability. The Zoll AED Plus remains a reliable and versatile option, especially for environments with both adult and pediatric patients. Remember, investing in a high-quality AED can make all the difference in saving lives during critical cardiac emergencies.