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CPR Keychain Mask (20 Pack)

CPR Keychain Mask (20 Pack)

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Compact CPR Keychain Mask: Your On-the-Go Lifesaver

Introducing our CPR Face Shield with a convenient 100% Nylon carry case, a miniature marvel measuring just 2" x 2". This tiny package holds immense potential to be your safeguard during critical moments. Designed to reduce risk while performing CPR, it's an essential addition to any keychain, backpack, or pocket.

Key Features:

  • One Way Valve: The heart of this tiny device lies in its one-way valve, allowing you to administer life-saving breaths without the risk of cross-contamination. This valve ensures airflow in only one direction – towards the patient – making your CPR efforts more effective and safer.
  • Ear Loops for the Patient: Designed with thoughtfulness, this CPR keychain mask comes with ear loops to secure it in place for the patient, even in challenging situations. This ensures optimal positioning and minimal interference during your lifesaving actions.
  • Ultra-Portable: Measuring just 2" x 2", this CPR Face Shield is ultra-compact and designed for your convenience. With its included Nylon carry case, it attaches easily to your keychain, ensuring you're always prepared to respond to emergencies.
  • Risk Reduction: By using this CPR keychain mask, you're minimizing the risk of direct contact and potential exposure to bodily fluids during CPR. This protection not only safeguards the patient but also you, the responder.
  • Every Second Counts: In emergencies, time is precious. With this CPR Face Shield at your fingertips, you're equipped to jump into action without hesitation, making a meaningful difference in critical moments.
  • Versatile Lifesaver: Whether you're a medical professional, first responder, or a concerned citizen, this compact CPR keychain mask is a versatile tool that fits seamlessly into your daily routine.

Prioritize preparedness with our CPR Face Shield keychain. It's more than a small accessory – it's a potential lifesaver. With its ingenious design and risk-reducing features, you'll be ready to perform CPR confidently whenever the situation demands.

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